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National economy still recovering

In Texas, 2013 was the year we felt the economy turn a corner. Although the recession “officially ended” in June of 2010, most consumers and businesses point to last year as the year they felt and saw the economy turn. In the real estate industry, we saw stronger home value and real estate appreciation. Here […]

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Another look at renting versus buying

There are those that worry that a new bubble is forming. Rents are a good yardstick: house prices that appreciate in line with rents make sense, since both are a sign of demand. But when one outstrips the other, it is time to review whether to buy or rent. In most Texas metros, rents have […]

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What’s in store for 2015?

After a roller coaster year like the one we’ve just been through, our readers continue to ask what’s going to happen in real estate next year. The reason you ask an economist is because they are right all the time…right? The first thing you learn in economics class is that economists are right 50% of […]

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