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Investment in education will keep Texas on top

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about concerns of the national employment market compared to Texas. The U.S. economy finally recovered all the jobs lost in the 2007-2009 recession in May of this year.  To say it’s been an uneven recovery nationally would be an understatement, with over two-thirds of the nation’s states still short […]

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Why housing is important to the economy

Last year, the reporting of U.S. housing data was increasingly positive. But the momentum in the housing market seems to have slowed this year. After suffering through the housing bubble and recession afterword, any mention of trouble sends tremors through the economy. Why?  Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said during her semi-annual monetary policy report […]

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The future of Texas is bright

With the media attention on the lack of housing starts and the lukewarm national economy, I felt it was time to revisit why Texas continues to stand out from all the negative news about the national economy. The $1.3 trillion Texas economy has shown a complete recovery from the Great Recession and is getting stronger, […]

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